AFLAVIS® 1 mg/ml preservative-free eye drops solution is indicated for the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory conditions of the anterior segment of the eye.

Pharmacotherapeutic class

Ophthalmological anti-inflammatory agents, Corticosteroids, not combined.
ATC code: S01BA01.

Aflavis® is packaged in a bottle that can be used for 28 days after opening.


1 ml of solution contains 1mg of dexamethasone phosphate in the form of dexamethasone sodium phosphate (1.093 mg).


Box of 1 x 5 ml polyethylene bottle.


Only on medical prescription.
Speciality accredited for local authorities.

Country of distribution

Registration 2021 in France.


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Factsheet / SmPC / Leaflet

Pharmacovigilance LDD Pharma

For optimum protection of patients and public health: LDD Pharma plays an active role in pharmacovigilance missions.

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