Laboratoires Doliage Développement (LDD Pharma)

Innovative pharmaceutical products for ophthalmology

3 products on the market since 2019 (hospital and private practice)
4 products under development (hospital and private practice)
A presence in France and worldwide

An independent laboratory specialised in the development of ophthalmic products

LDD Pharma is an independent laboratory based in France, which identifies, develops and markets innovative products in the field of ophthalmology with its partners.

With innovation and development as key values, LDD Pharma is planning tomorrow’s ophthalmological solutions.

New ophthalmic treatments are being developed by our laboratories and will soon be available to meet the needs of ophthalmologists for diagnosis, daily practice and surgical procedures.

Do not hesitate to join our network of partners and distributors. Take part in the development and distribution of our products both nationally and internationally.


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Pharmaceutical products offered by LDD Pharma

LDD Pharma currently offers three drugs for the treatment of eye diseases. They are used for anaesthesia in ophthalmic surgery, treatment of ocular inflammation and management of bacterial infections of the eye.


Lidocaine gel

Indicated for topical anaesthesia during ophthalmic procedures.


Eye drops solution

Indicated in the treatment of non-infectious inflammatory conditions of the anterior segment of the eye.


Suspension eye drops

Indicated for local anti-inflammatory and antibacterial treatment following ophthalmic surgery or in the treatment of infections.

LDD Pharma is present in France and worldwide

Our products
are distributed
in many countries

Our partners

Horus Pharma
Bausch Lomb
Pharmacovigilance LDD Pharma

To ensure optimum protection for patients and public health, LDD Pharma plays an active role in pharmacovigilance missions.

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